Fluidic AIR lubrication

FluidicAL - The first Fluidic Air Lubrication solution for shipping

net fuel savings of 8%-12%

It’s all about friction

The ship’s friction when sailing is the most significant driver of fuel consumption, which  in return drives operating costs as fuel costs represent up to 60% of the ship’s operating costs. But more importantly, fuel consumption has a direct impact of the emission of Green House Gasses as 1 metric ton of fuel equals 3.2 metric tonnes of CO2 emissions.

This is why reducing friction not only makes sense from an economic perspective, but also from an environmental perspective. We call this Ecologic and Business Logic!

Our patented solution, FluidicAL, is an advanced Fluidic Air Lubrication solution that offers significant reductions in the ship’s friction, when sailing. The solution is unique in its use of Fluidics to generate the air bubbles with high degree of control, inserted into wing-shaped bands that precisely introduces the air bubbles into the boundary layer underneath the ship’s hull to form and maintain an air layer that covers the largest area of any existing solution.

FluidicAL is proven to reduce the friction by 50-70%, resulting in net fuel savings in the range 8-12%, independent of the sailing speed, vessel size or fuel type - today or in the future.

The potential reduction of friction is spectacular and so are the reductions of fuel consumption, GHG emissions, and fouling. You can expect a net decrease of fuel costs of 8-15 % and a payback period of 2-3 years! The MPS Fluidic Air Lubrication System enables you to contribute to a better world, while fundamentally reducing your operating costs. Ecologic meets business logic!

Payback period of 2-3 years

worldwide installation

We offer FluidicAL as a turnkey solution, ensuring integration with existing onboard technology. The Fluidic Air Lubrication system uses standard components that do not require recertification. Only minimal structural modifications to the hull are necessary. The system is upgradable and can be serviced during port calls. MPS can retrofit your vessel at your preferred shipyard worldwide.

Fluidic Air Lubrication